Rino Solberg has been a consultant, speaker, coach, and serial entrepreneur for over 40 years. Since 2004, he is also Chairman/Founder of Better Globe Group and the non-profit, Child Africa. Born in Norway in 1944, he enrolled in the Norwegian Air Force in 1963 and took five years of engineering education.

In 1976, Rino invented and got patents in 12 countries for a grinding machine – for valves that he called “Unislip” – and he had companies in Norway, the USA, Germany and Japan, and agents in 20 countries. He ran his companies successfully for 13 years, then he sold out and started a training company.

Rino is also an author who has written 12 books within the area of personal development/sales/business/leadership, and he has given over 1000 seminars in the above areas. As a consultant, he has trained over 150 companies to be certified to ISO 9000 / ISO 14001 series quality / environmental management standards, and he has been a motivational speaker and sales trainer for over 40 years.

In 1977 in Norway, he met his wife, Julie, who was born in Africa. In 1991, they started an NGO called Child Africa to help sponsor poor children through school. All these years of working in Africa, and seeing the poverty and struggle of the people there, got him to begin thinking about how he could use all the knowledge and skills he had acquired over the years to make life better for poor African people. (www.childafrica.org and www.bingwa.info)

In 2004, at 60 years of age, Rino decided to do something more valuable with the rest of his life than merely building businesses and working for money, and to find a goal that was much bigger than himself and something that could change the world. He elected to take on the biggest goal he could think of:


And he has been doing that with great success ever since – one family at a time.

To connect with Rino:
Email: rino@betterglobegroup.com